Generally Acceptable ICT Use Policy for Employees


Access to computing and networking resources is a privilege to which all USPF faculty, staff, and students are entitled. Accompanying that privilege is an obligation, on the part of users, to understand and abide by the responsibilities and regulations that govern the computing environment at the University of Southern Philippines Foundation.

This document outlines the University of Southern Philippines Foundation guidelines concerning the acceptable use of University owned networks and computer facilities. These guidelines reflect the general ethical principles of the USPF community and indicate the responsibilities inherent in the University computing environment.

  • Access to telecommunications, network services and its contents are authorized for legitimate University of Southern Philippines Foundation’s business purposes only. All employees are expected to use discretion, good judgment and common sense and to conduct themselves morally and professionally in using, accessing and transmitting university related Information Communication Technology data and services. Any person who infringes this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • By definition, Chief Information Officer will have access to all files on all computers and systems. Please do not store personal and confidential files on your computer machines.
  • All University of Southern Philippines Foundation students and employees will be responsible in safeguarding the data and services being offered by the university. They will likewise be responsible in safeguarding their account password and accesses. Any attempt to compromise account passwords is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized mass mailing is always prohibited.
  • Attempt to forge and/or tamper University of Southern Philippines Foundation online and network systems is also prohibited.
  • NO individual shall attempt and/or intentionally cause damage to any equipment or software belonging to University of Southern Philippines Foundation. Installing any software or systems, unauthorized by the university is likewise prohibited.
  • In addition, below are samples of conduct that will not be tolerated including, without limitation:
    1. Tampering and attempt to tamper or remove any hardware or software from any USPF owned or leased system or equipment
    2. Deleting , renaming, moving , copying or changing any files or its properties, other than their own files
    3. Change and attempt to change passwords other than their own
    4. Intentionally impersonating someone else and/or misinterpreting yourself through the use of another’s email account, computer or other University of Southern Philippines Foundation asset.
    5. Using other accounts to distribute or access inappropriate materials
    6. Intentionally bypassing or circumventing the user-security mechanisms of the USPF network system without authorization.
  • Information Communication Technology resources may not be used for   accessing, viewing, posting, downloading, storing, transmitting, sharing, printing, distribution or solicitation of any information or material, graphical or plain from any source that the university deems pornographic, obscene, abusive or otherwise offensive or inappropriate for the university system. This policy will apply to any activities occurring within the university’s premises or at any university-sponsored event. This policy also applies to any activity involving the use of university-owned or leased property including but will not be limited to laptops, PC’s, network systems, email, internet access and intranet access. Any person who infringes this policy may be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • Employees are responsible for reading their email regularly and report to ICT for any concerns.
  • Use of the university email account may give the appearance that you represent University of Southern Philippines Foundation. Utmost care and discretion should be exercised when using these online services.
  • Guidelines should always be followed.
    1. Be Polite. Abusive or derogatory words and messages is prohibited
    2. Do not reveal information about you or other individuals
    3. Do not use online systems to harass, intimidate or threaten any person or organization.
    4. Communications intended for internal use should not be forwarded.
    5. Protect and help protect copyright laws. Do not support illegal copying, distribution and use of pirated software whether this is in the data form, audio files and /or any video files.
  • University of Southern Philippines Foundation reserves the right to monitor and if necessary, block access and services to internal and external sites it considers unproductive, pornographic and/or any other sites and/or services it deems unfit for the university.