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General Requirements

Why Choose Us


Continuing to give your child formal education in these difficult times need not be difficult too. Choose which one best suites your capacity and we'll assist you from there on.
- Online Learning for those who have IT devices and Internet connections
- Blended learning for those who do not have IT devices and Internet Connections
- Flexible Learning for College and Graduate students
Quality education has always been our commitment. USPF's online teaching workforce is comprised of trained and competent teachers, with certifications to boot!
We're ready for the new normal
You don't have to leave the safety of your homes to attend classess, so why leave this safety to enroll? Process your enrollment now at
USPF stays true to its founders' vision and continues to make quality formal education available to the community. NO TUITION INCREASE for SY 2020-2021, and relevant adjustments have been made to other fees. Plus, you can ENROLL NOW for an initial fee of ONLY PHP 500.00
For students who wants to view their grades online visit under online services