The University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) is THE ONLY UNIVERSITY IN THE PHILIPPINES featured in the official PERCo website alongside schools, colleges and universities in the following countries: Russia, UK, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Spain, New Zealand, Poland, Belarus, Portugal, and France.

PERCo products are recognized throughout 80 countries worldwide with a quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 international standard (

University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) formally introduces the 1st In-House Developed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System Ver1.0. on the 23rd of September 2016 at The Main Entrance of USPF Lahug campus. The USPF RFID is the 1st in-house developed RFID in the Visayas.


The USPF RFID software is developed by ICT professionals composed of USPian alumni and employees: Mr. Archievald Ranay, senior programmer and USPian BSIT alumnus class of 2014; Mr. John Andrie Pareja, junior programmer and USPian BSIT alumnus class of 2014; Engr. Clark Tumanda, technical support group head; Engr. Benjamin de la Cerna III, network engineer; Mr. Nathaniel Cilocilo, technical support specialist and USPian BSIT alumnus class of 2014; Mr. Nino Lane, helpdesk support staff; and, Mr. Lester Gastala, chief information officer and overall project manager for the 1st RFID In-House System Development of USPF.

For hardware, USPF partners with GigaWorkz Technologies, the sole distributor of PERCo turnstile and access control system for the RFID entrance. PERCo, a Russian-made technology is IP68. Aside from its energy-efficient detail with only 12 volts to power up, it follows the international standard which is dust-, water-, and weather-proof. USPF and GigaWorkz Technologies also tap D-LogicĀ for the uFR RFID reader.

The standard calculation for both software and hardware usually costs about 1.8 million pesos. With the ingenuity of the USPian ICT professionals who designed the software, however, USPF saved 1.5 million pesos in total cost.

The blessing is officiated by USPian alumnus and SAS director Rev. Fr. Bernard Monteron, M.Afr. Ceremonial cutting of the ribbon is done by University president Dr. Alicia P. Cabatingan with the assistance of finance director Mrs. Rosalina Jereza Sepulveda and chief information officer Mr. Lester Gastala. Members of the University Council were the first to try the RFID control system.

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