USPF at the Forefront of New and Emerging Technologies


The quest for an efficient, effective and secured ICT infrastructure was the main factor that triggered the deployment of an unbreakable university Internet and the strategically located WiFi Access Points that is accessible 24×7.

The project was called IRCOS (infrastructure, rehabilitation, consolidation, optimization, and security) project.

Figure 1: Shows the RISK and overall complexity of the major concerns that USPF has to mitigate. It also shows the state of USPF ICT infrastructure – a graphical representation of the result of the ICT assessment conducted by Mr. Gastala.


The Solution
Peplink for Unbreakable Internet and Aerohive for Controller-less Wifi Access Points

Who Uses Peplink and Aerohive?
In the Philippines, USPF is the 1st University to deploy Peplink. Aerohive on the other hand was 1st deployed at USPF (1st in an Academic Institution in the Philippines to use a controller less Wi-Fi Infrastructure). Most universities use on premise controllers to manage their Wifi Access Points thus an additional cost of ownership. For USPF, we utilized a pure breed cloud based solution.
Used by leading companies and organizations around the world:

Aerohive Benefits:
• Simplified and unified network policies
• Provisioning of users registered to the USPF Wi-Fi to avoid misuse and abuse
• USPF was able to Centralized monitoring of Aerohive access point devices
• Teachers can bring their laptop and access GAFE anywhere anytime around the campus.
• This initiative has resulted to a seamless Internet connection 24×7 with an average of 300+ unique users everyday. It is also good to note that with this initiative, USPF was commended by PACOCOA for a job well done during the last accreditation visit as stated by Engr. Gabriel PACOCOA Accreditor.

Peplink Benefits:
• Proven, Industry-Leading Load Balancing Engine.
• It Boost USPF network data rates, reliability, and flexibility while slashing connectivity costs Peplink’s load balancing engine has distributed the USPF traffic of up to 3 Internet links and can route data using seven intelligent algorithms. It all adds up to high speeds and rock-solid dependability at a savings of up to 90% compared to solutions built on traditional WAN and other expensive links.
• With the Peplink Balance, all links worked together to handle even the most demanding traffic, without lags or downtime.
• When we need more speed, add more connections. Peplink Internet Load Balancers are application aware, so USPF can be assured that most important data and applications always get VIP treatment.

Figure 2: Shows USPFs three Internet connections accessing web applications, combined to work as one big pipe to provide internet connection with zero(0) second failover.
Scalable, Affordable, Speed.
Using SpeedFusion VPN bonding technology, USPF was able to combine multiple connections. This enables the university to access internet services at greater speeds than you could achieve with a single link, at a fraction of what it would cost using
traditional WAN alone. Using Peplink technology, USPF was able to increase our bandwidth by almost 200%.

99.999% Reliability Without the Cost.
Because the links are combined together into a single SD-WAN, each link USPF adds increases its reliability. The approach has provided connectivity resilience for USPF at a fraction of what it would cost using traditional WAN alone.



Overall Results – (Strategy and Value)


Reduced Initial investment

– USPF Doesn’t have to invest on pricey multiple primary lease line (MPLS) but can combine cheaper DSL (cheaper internet lines) forming a big pipe at less cost

Reduced Operational burden

– USPF now has the capability to manage and appropriate bandwidth where and when it is needed the most.
– USPF has ensured the continuity of delivery of curriculum through the use of unbreakable internet

Reduced Time to Value

– Easy to configure and deploy resulting to maximum efficiency, effectiveness and secured user experience.

Incidental benefits

1. A year after IRCOS was implemented, it resulted to the following:

Figure 3. Published by Speedfusion Networks on SunStar Cebu , Aug 28 issue.


2. – Peplink Certified Engineer Examination Successful Examinees

• We have successfully passed with flying colors the Peplink Online Examination for Certified Engineers. The list are the successful examinees: a. Mr. Lester Gastala – Certified Engineer (Validation Code: Zuq4mfsNL7) b. Engr. Benjamin De la Cerna – Certified Engineer (Validation Code: MB4D7EtL03)

• Our exam results garnered 85% and 90% respectively VS the passing grade of 70%. We are the 1st University in Cebu with Certified Engineers.

These are just some of the innovative efforts of USPF living up to its Vision of becoming a 21st century transformative learning environment of global lifelong learners. “You have only seen the tip of the iceberg” Mr. Gastala added.

Peplink Certified Engineers. Certification signed by Mr. Lex Chan – Founder and CEO