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The Student Affairs Office directs all the non-academic aspects of student life and coordinates with the school community in matters affecting these aspects pursuant to the mission statement of the University.


Hi-Touch, Hi-Tech, Value-laden Student Affairs Services


We commit ourselves to create value-laden quality programs and services that effectively cultivate students' potentials.


The SAS has the following general objectives:
    • A. to initiate and coordinate specific programs and services for the students’ personal and social development;
    • B. to provide opportunities for the students’ active involvement in the life and activities of the school as well as of the wider community; and
    • C. to promote the mode of conduct necessary for the school community leading to an acceptance of, and positive response to the school’s objectives.
Along these objectives, the SAS has the following areas of concern, namely:
    • A. Student Development - This concerns the development programs for the student leaders to help them realize their potentials, become better individual and enhance the right campus atmosphere.
    • B. Student Activities - This involves the proper coordination and supervision of general student activities essential to the student’s balanced formation and development. It also regulates the operations of all recognized student organizations in coordination with the different departments of the University for the proper utilization of their efforts and capabilities; and to attain their organizational objectives thus helping realize the goals of the University.
    • C. Student Discipline - This includes the right of order of things requiring rules and regulations for external discipline to facilitate the development of desirable attitudes, values and behavior patterns for the right academic atmosphere and productive individual living in and out of the University
The Student Affairs Services also supervises pupils/students behavior and investigates all reported cases of misbehavior, ascertains all facts, recommend penalty/sanctions to the Board of Discipline for the imposition of appropriate actions cited in Article VI Section 8. Offenses (p.65). This office also periodically recognizes active participation and good leadership by giving certificates/awards for student leadership, athletics and other co-curricular activities in an appropriate ceremony.

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