Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Established around 1962, the USPF College of Architecture is one of the oldest architecture schools in Cebu and has consistently produced board passers since.


The practice of architecture is the act of planning and architectural designing, structural conceptualization, specifying, supervising and giving general administration and responsible direction to the erection, enlargement or alterations of buildings and building environments and architectural design in engineering structures

Mission Statement

    • A. College Vision - A globally competent Engineering and Architecture College producing graduates equipped with holistic competencies to become the 21st-century leaders and innovators.
    • B. College Mission - We commit ourselves to provide excellent learning outcomes in the field of Engineering and Architecture through competitive programs, continuous research, and strong industry linkage.

Program Description

The BS Architecture curriculum is concerned with providing the students with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and competence in architecture and their total growth and development within the framework of democratic ideals and values; and the preservation, conservation, and promotion of the Filipino Architecture heritage within the global context, thus making the Architecture curriculum relevant to the present needs and latest international trends.
The curriculum is also designed to direct and focus the trust of architecture education to the needs and demands of society and its integration into the social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects of nation building.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

After several years of completion of the program, the graduates are expected to demonstrate the following:
    • 1. Mastery of comprehensive knowledge both in theory and practice, and proficiency in skills by the graduates,
    • 2. Value of honor and sense of professional responsibility and social awareness,
    • 3. Appreciation of the basic philosophy and fundamental principles of the multi-dimensional aspects of architecture,
    • 4. Ability and the capacity to analyze facts, to think critically and to express ideas effectively, and
    • 5. Instill the importance of preserving, conserving and promoting the nation’s heritage and culture, customs and traditions

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Upon completion of the program, the students will have acquired the ability:
    • 1. Initiate and conduct architectural research and development for the advancement of the profession,
    • 2. Design the built environment in the context of ecological balance and sustainable development and conservation of cultural and historical heritage,
    • 3. Provide professional services in the realm of the scope of practice of architecture,
    • 4. Develop awareness of relevant laws, rules and regulations affecting the profession,
    • 5. Observe and abide by the code of ethical conduct and standards of professional practice, and
    • 6. Study the fundamentals of building utilities and systems.
Admission Requirements

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