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USPF was the first in the Visayas region to offer the BS Social Work (BSSW) program and later the Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) program. Since it started in 1965, the college has produced thousands of Social Work professionals who are presently active leaders and sought-after consultants in various fields of social welfare and social protection.


The CSW is managed by a competent and seasoned team of educators and professionals. Our thrust in the College of Social Work (CSW) is to develop students with pro-human passion. The program provides them with the essential knowledge, experiences, and skills so that they are able to translate this passion into action, which is that of building capacities of individuals, groups, and communities to effect change on themselves and their environment with the end goal of enhancing human capabilities and well-being, and ultimately, EMPOWERMENT.
CSW recognizes the urgent need to educate a diversified student body which shall serve as a responsive, innovative and creative resource in addressing particular social development needs of the region and actively facilitating and effecting transformational changes within themselves and the local and global communities.
CSW is committed to, and actively seeks to attract, a diversified student population and faculty. A tenet of the profession and the program is the commitment to social and economic justice and human rights. As such, the college does not discriminate on the basis of age, class, race, gender, color, religion, creed, culture, ethnic or national origin, disability, lifestyle, marital status, sexual orientation, and political affiliation.
The CSW has produced numerous topnotchers in the Social Work board exams. You will never be jobless when you are a social worker. They are employed in different fields (government and NGOs). Graduates or alumni are now occupying prestigious and important job positions. And yes, social workers meet different kinds of people, are exposed to unique cultures and travel to different places.
What makes the CSW unique? The students are considered ‘partners’ in the learning process. Critical-thinking is encouraged. Technologically equipped learning infrastructures are maintained and upgraded. Most of all, we follow the basic principles in Social Work: Acceptance and Individualization. CSW accepts you for who you are. We do not discriminate. We respect diversity. You are considered a unique individual. The CSW is your second home or the home you never had.
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